“I’ve Just Seen Jesus”/changed

When I first heard this song way back in the early eighties, I couldn’t hold back the tears! This song expresses my deepest sentiments! I, too, will never be the same again after having a spiritual vision of the LORD! Thank you, Gloria Gaither, for these lyrics! I changed the verses to fit my testimony and have sung this all over the world in many churches. Here are the new lyrics:

Well, I thought He was dead
There’s no God I had said
So I plodded along my own way
Yet I sobbed in despair
Oh, God if You’re there
Let me know, somehow I pray

It was just before dawn
I was running along
Trying to fill this void in my soul
When He reached down from above
To this child, with His love
And He touched me
And He made me whole!

I’ve just seen Jesus
I tell you He’s alive
I’ve just seen Jesus
Our precious Lord alive!
And I knew, He really saw me, too
As if till now, I’d never lived
All that I had done before
Won’t matter anymore
I’ve just seen Jesus
And I’ll never be the same again

It was His voice I first heard
Those kind gentle words
Asking what was my reason for tears
And I sobbed in despair
“Oh, God are You there?”
He said “Child, it is I, I AM here!”

I’ve just seen Jesus……..

“I’ve Just Seen Jesus” original lyrics by Gloria Gaither. Italicized lyrics are hers.

Also, see “Seven Downloads”, all Scriptural, which I knew after having this vision.

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